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go follow my fave blog. such an amazing rper annbd so sweet ooc. just do the thing.


everyone takes what they want and them leaves and i cant deal with being so alone all the time. im going out of my mind.


This guy has achieved more with a webcam and his dog than I ever have in my life.

                                                  ι jυѕт don’т
                                                  d e ѕ e r v e
                                                  тo вe loved

living away from home is hard and stressful and i want to kill myself so thats hard and stressful and my wrists and thighs look like shit abd i dont have anyone there for me. and idk im sad.


Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

cant fucking do this anymore lol. havent got anyone or anything going for me and it took me five minutes to write this bc im cryibg too much lol

im not okay, havent been okay in weeks and i really dont want to do this anymore

depression sucks. just keeps bringing me down. the days go so quick and the nights drag on and just… idk.